Inspired by Mayan, Aztec and Mexican designs, LaNetaNeta Brand offers products that are quintessentially colorful, politically current and relevant, created in California by makers in the SF Bay Area, and/or in Mexico and Central America

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Why Choose Us?

Because we offer unique designs and products that are inspired by Mexican, Aztec and Mayan cultures, which stand to validate the multiethnic and transnational makeup of the communities we live-in, in the U.S.A. 

LaNetaNeta brand carries quintessentially colorful designs that are politically relevant and funny, and/or geek, when we bridge ancient designs or cultural symbols with high tech iconography.

Thank you for your purchase. When you buy from LaNetaNeta you're also supporting the individual artists, and fair-trade projects that we partner with.

About Us

Edgar R. Ayala


As a graphic designer, Spanaish/English interpreter, translator and and community activist—over the course of 30+ years, I have worked for many social non profit organizations dedicated to social justice causes in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, nationally and transnationally.

This Shop features a selection from my graphic work and a collection of acquired products that celebrate Latin American arts and cultures: 

Quality T-shirts, hats and artisanal products from Mexico, Central America; or made in the U.S. by immigrant artists.

As a small company based in Oakland California, we adhere to the principles of fair trade, the power of self sufficiency, micro economics and sustainability, when we buy or establish partnerships with our suppliers.